• Barcode printer usage precautions

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  • Various barcode printer common faults

    First, use attention Generally, the bar code printing device is in the direction indicated by the figure, the dotted line is the ribbon installation path, and the solid line is the label path. After the rewinding, the waste ribbon is not easily peeled off, and the smooth bottom paper of the waste label is wound on the reel before loading, and then the ribbon is fed. When installing labels, adjust the paper limiter according to the different label widths. The indenter spring is even to avoid the deviation of the printer label. The paper is measured when you use the printer for the first time.

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  • What should I do with the barcode printer failure? Barcode printer failure and solution.

    Lead: We often see many barcodes in our lives, such as clothes, behind books, under the cups, etc. Bar codes are everywhere in our lives. Each bar code has a unique meaning. We all know that it is printed by a bar code printer. If the bar code printer fails, the bar code cannot be printed normally. Here, I will list some common faults and solutions. (I) Barcode Printer Classification Zebra printers are generally divided into three series - S, Z, X series. The S series belongs to the office category, mainly to meet basic office needs.

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  • TSC barcode printer common faults and solutions

    1. The red light is on during printing Cause: The printer's sensor does not sense the paper or does not sense the ribbon. The machine needs to be re-measured. Solution: first turn off the printer power, press the PAUSE button on the bar code printer, and then turn it on. After the printer exits the paper, release the hand to see if the printer has retracted. If not, repeat the above method. Try it a few more times until the printer has retracted. If you have tried this repeatedly, you can initialize the machine first, then turn off the PAUSE and FEED buttons simultaneously, until the three indicators on the printer flash at the same time.

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