• Ali-style Chinese technology companies are releasing global influence

    Ali just announced the establishment of "Dharma Institute", showing the ambition to lead the global technological progress, the day before Alibaba's market value once surpassed Amazon, among the top five companies in the world.

    2018-09-07 94

  • Globally renowned sensor manufacturers and feature analysis

    Measurement Specialties Inc. / US MEAS Sensors Precision Electronics - MEAS Sensors USA is the world's leading MEMS manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of various types of sensors. Products are widely used in aerospace, defense military, mechanical equipment, industrial automation, automotive electronics, medical, household appliances, HVAC, petrochemical, air compressors, meteorological testing, instrumentation and other fields. The company was the first in the industry to implement silicon MEMS batch processing technology, the first to commercialize LVDT, the first to transform Piezo Film technology into a low-cost commercial sensor and life sensor. The main sensor products: pressure and dynamic pressure sensors, displacement sensors, tilt and angular displacement sensors, Hall encoders, magnetoresistive sensors, accelerometers, vibration sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, etc.

    2018-09-07 84

  • China's RFID industry has been at the forefront of the world, and domestic giants are accelerating to become international

    The annual IoT industry event on August 16th - "2017 China International Internet of Things and Wisdom China Summit" was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The summit forum was jointly sponsored by China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance, Guangdong Internet of Things Association, Guangdong Province Internet of Things Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and Shenzhen IOT Media. After four years of development, China International Internet of Things and Wisdom China Summit has developed into the world's most professional, authoritative, largest, media-focused, industry-leading global Internet of Things TOP-level industry event. The strongest brain in the era of convergence networking, depicting the development trend and blueprint of the Internet of Things.

    2018-09-07 108

  • Zebra barcode printer common faults and solutions

    Zebra printer troubleshooting 1. The power light is not on; other lights are not on after power on; one of the correction light, position light and depth light is not extinguished: the machine is faulty, please contact the supplier.

    2018-09-07 169

  • TSC barcode printer 34 common faults and solutions

    TSC barcode label printer common faults and troubleshooting 1. Red light during printing Cause: The printer's sensor does not sense the paper or does not sense the ribbon. The machine needs to be re-measured.

    2018-09-07 2532

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