TSC barcode printer common faults and solutions

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1. The red light is on during printing Cause: The printer's sensor does not sense the paper or does not sense the ribbon. The machine needs to be re-measured. Solution: first turn off the printer power, press the PAUSE button on the bar code printer, and then turn it on. After the printer exits the paper, release the hand to see if the printer has retracted. If not, repeat the above method. Try it a few more times until the printer has retracted. If you have tried this repeatedly, you can start the machine first, then turn off the PAUSE and FEED buttons simultaneously, until the three indicators on the printer flash at the same time, then release the hand, then press the start method to detect Lower the paper until there is a retraction action.

2. Paper skipping occurs during printing Cause: This phenomenon is still caused by the failure of the machine to detect the paper or the irregularity of the paper. Solution: First check if the label paper is not standardized, and the size of each label is the same. If it is caused by this reason, it can only replace the label paper. If there is no problem detecting the label, then it is the machine that has not detected the paper and needs to re-measure the paper. First turn off the machine, then press and hold the PAUSE and FEED buttons at the same time, and then turn on the power until the three indicators flash at the same time to release the machine, then turn off the machine, press the PAUSE button to test the paper, wait until the machine is out. Release the paper after the paper, and then start printing after the machine has retracted.

3. The printer audibly sounds during printing and the cover of the printer is difficult to cover. Cause: The ribbon spool is reversed. Solution: Check if the lower ribbon spool is reversed and install it correctly.

4. Paper is normal during printing, but printing does not print anything. Cause: The ribbon is reversed. Solution: See if the ribbon is internal or external, and then install it correctly according to the installation method in the instructions.

5. Printing is normal during printing, but the ribbon is not rewinded. Cause: This is because the operator has turned on the ribbon without installing the ribbon, causing the printer to fail to detect the ribbon. The default is thermal printing. Solution: Turn off the printer first, then properly install the ribbon and label paper, and then turn the printer back on. If not, perform machine initialization.

6. The machine normally feeds paper during printing, but only half of the content is printed or garbled when printing. Cause: The software's printing program has an error. Solution: Restart the print program, re-create a new label, and re-type the contents of the label, select the correct print driver to print to see if it is normal. If it is still the same, you can only uninstall the software and then reinstall it. If it still doesn't work, this is a problem with the computer's print interface. You must replace a computer to print. Or print with a mouthwash.

7. The paper is normal when the printer is printing, but the machine does not respond when printing. Cause: The machine does not receive data. Solution: Check if the data interface of the machine is connected incorrectly, see if the data cable is connected to the port, and if so, reconnect the data cable to the parallel port. If not, see if the printer's port settings are incorrect. Click the Start menu -> Settings -> Printers -> select your machine's printer driver right click -> Properties -> Port -> select LPT1, the print returns to normal.

8. When opening the software, a warning window appears "This printer only supports a limited printer driver, please reinstall the correct printer driver". Cause: An error occurred in the software program, causing the printer driver to be lost. Solution: If your printing software is installed in the C drive directory, open my computer -> open the C drive -> find and open the Program Files folder -> find and open the Europlus folder -> find and open Le—> Find and open Bin—> Find and open System—> Find the Xprint.inf file and delete it. The print returns to normal.

9. Printing is not clear Cause: The print settings are not set or the print head is dirty. Solution: first check if the print head is dirty, and clean the print head (Note: be sure to turn off the printer power when cleaning the print head, otherwise the print head will be easily damaged), then set the print temperature or change the font. Try (font bold). If it doesn't work, it may be that the quality of the printed ribbon or label paper is too bad, and the ribbon and label paper are replaced.

10. Unclear and black lines appear when printing Cause: The print head is dirty or the print head is broken. Solution: Clean the print head first. If not, only replace the print head. (Note: When cleaning the print head, be sure to turn off the printer power first, otherwise the print head will be easily damaged).

11. The printer always detects no paper when printing. Cause: 1) Sensor failure 2) Label paper problem. Solution: Replace another type of label paper to see if it is normal. If it is normal, after printing a few sheets, replace it with the label that just can't be detected, and re-measure the paper. If it is not normal, first clean the dust on the surface of the sensor, and then re-measure the paper and then only replace the sensor.

12. When printing, the side is clear and the side is blurred Cause: The printer pressure is not balanced. Solution: There is a screw button on the top of the print head to adjust the pressure of the unclear one. In addition, there is only one screw button adjustment on the machine, but it can move freely. Then move it to the unclear side and increase the pressure.

13. Wrinkle in printing (TTP-344M) Cause: The pressure on both sides of the printer is unbalanced or too much pressure. Solution: Adjust the screw button to reduce the pressure and adjust the pressure balance on both sides.

14. After the printer has been used for a period of time, the contents of the label are always biased upwards or downwards when printing, and the printing is normal with the new machine. Cause: The printer has been used for a long time and the sensor has an error. Solution: Adjust the upper and lower positions of the sensor as appropriate according to the specific offset.

15. When the printer is turned on, the indicator light is on at the same time and cannot be printed. Cause: The chip of the motherboard is damaged. Solution: Replace the damaged chip in the motherboard

16. After the label is modified, it will not be saved. Pressing Save will bring up a warning dialog box. After pressing OK, the software will be closed. Cause: Caused by an incorrect operation that was modified directly on the label when the user modified it. Solution: Modify it according to the correct modification method. Double-click the content you want to modify, and modify it in the dialog box written in the original layout. It is not allowed to modify directly on the label. After this modification, it will return to normal.

17. The printer is not feeding properly. It only takes half a sheet. After printing one sheet, it lights up red (zebra machine). Cause: The printer parameter setting is incorrect. Solution: Take the Z4M machine as an example. Click Start Menu -> Settings -> Printers -> Select Z4M Machine -> Right click -> Properties -> Printing Preferences -> Document Option -> Dispense Mode -> Select Tear Off.

18. All the indicators flash when the printer is printing and cannot measure paper (zebra machine) Cause: The sensor is faulty. Solution: Clean the sensor surface or replace the sensor.

19. Barcode printers are not in place when printing small labels, and the printed content is always biased upwards or downwards. Cause: The label is too small, and the sensor is difficult to sense the paper. Solution: The height of the general label should be at least 10 or more to locate, otherwise the label should be offset. When setting the label, set the height of the label to be about 5 mm larger than the actual label, and then set the offset of the label according to the specific offset.

20. The font is clear and the barcode is not clear when printing. Reason: The barcode content is too much and the density is too small. Solution: Shorten the bar code content or increase the bar code density. For 200dpi and 300dpi machines, the bar code density is generally above 7mils, ie the scale factor is 2 or more, and the printed bar code is clear.

twenty one. When printing labels, some words are not printed. Cause: The print head is dirty and the layout is incorrect. Solution: Clean the print head; also see if the words to be printed are overlapped during the typesetting, and the layout is re-typed.

twenty two. The printer always displays no paper or no ribbon when printing (TEC-572) Cause: The paper runs out or the ribbon is wrong; the error operation command is sent. Solution: Check if the paper or ribbon is correct; adjust the parameters on the machine, and then print correctly after using the printing software to correctly format the settings.

twenty three. Printing is not clear when printing, and the ribbon is broken. (105Se/SL) Cause: The printer ribbon hinge is faulty. Solution: The belt tension of the machine ribbon is too tight, and the tension of the ribbon of the printer ribbon is adjusted.

twenty four. The newly created file can be printed normally, but the old file cannot be opened and cannot be printed. Cause: Network printing, permission is incorrect. Solution: When printing, see if the file has been opened on the network. If it is turned on, it must be turned off before it can be opened on another computer. Then detect the network permissions issue.

25. The content is not printed completely when printing. Cause: The printing software and driver version are too low. Workaround: Install a new version of the software and drivers.

26. The printing software cannot be typeset. Cause: The software is not installed or has a computer problem. Solution: Reinstall the software, if it still doesn't work, it may be a virus in the computer, please kill the virus. No more, please reinstall the operating system.

27. Shortly after the printer was turned on, the three lights went out and could not be printed. Cause: The printer capacitor is broken. Solution: Replace the capacitor.

28. During the printing process, the printed content is not the same size as the actual content. Cause: The print driver is incorrect. Workaround: Choose the correct printer driver.

29. Black lines appear next to the print process. (argox1000+) Cause: The print head is not adjusted. Solution: Adjust the screws on the front of the printhead.

30. The printer does not turn the router (TEC-572) Cause: The setting is incorrect. Solution: Adjust the various settings of the printer settings, if not, it may be a problem with the motherboard, need to be repaired.

31. Paper skipping often occurs during printing Cause: The print settings are incorrect. Solution: When the paper size and spacing settings are correct, change the BMP print format to PCX format for printing.

32. During the barcode printer's paper feed, an abnormal sound is emitted. Cause: The machine memory is not cleared or the machine gear is broken. Solution: Clear the machine's memory or replace the gears.

33. When the machine is printing, it always shows that the ribbon is running out. Cause: The PCB-F or PCB-G of the machine is broken. Solution: Replace the PCB-F or replace the PCB-G.

34. When the machine is performing thermal printing, the front axle is constantly rotating and the ribbon is used up. Cause: The machine PCB-G is broken. Solution: Replace the PCB-G.


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