What should I do with the barcode printer failure? Barcode printer failure and solution.

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Lead: We often see many barcodes in our lives, such as clothes, behind books, under the cups, etc. Bar codes are everywhere in our lives. Each bar code has a unique meaning. We all know that it is printed by a bar code printer. If the bar code printer fails, the bar code cannot be printed normally. Here, I will list some common faults and solutions.

(1) Classification of bar code printers

  Zebra printers are generally divided into three series - S, Z, X series. The S series belongs to the office category, mainly to meet the basic office needs, the printing speed will be slower, so the price will be cheaper; the Z series is generally used for business, the printing speed is faster, and its price will also be called The S series is more expensive; the Z series is an industrial machine with fast printing speed and high reliability, and its price is also the most expensive one.

(2) Daily maintenance method of barcode machine

  It is not difficult to maintain the printer. It only needs us to pay attention to it in daily life. For example, nails should not directly touch the print head, otherwise it will cause scratches on the print head. Here is a small summary I made.

  Before printing: To clean the print head and ribbon sensor, keep the label dry;

  When printing: the bar code machine should be placed in a dry place, preferably farther away from the water dispenser;

  After printing: After turning off the barcode machine switch, do not unplug the power cord.

(3) Bar code machine failure and solution

  Barcode machines will inevitably have some minor problems in the daily use process. Here is a list. If the printer has a twisted line during the printing process, there is no need to panic. This may be due to the dust on the surface of the printer or the long time of use. You can wash the printer head with alcohol or directly replace the printer head.

  When you start printing, you will find that all the indicators on the printer are on. However, the LCD does not display and cannot print. This may be due to damage to the motherboard or EPROM, then you can replace the motherboard or install the EPROM correctly.

  When the surface of your sensor is too dusty, the sensor may malfunction. The indicator light will flash but the paper cannot be measured. You need to clean the sensor surface or contact your dealer to change the sensor.

  If the printing temperature is too low, it may cause unclear printing and poor quality. What we can do is increase the printing temperature, replace the ribbon and label paper, and re-adjust the position of the print head. Generally, just do this. It is.


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