Barcode printer usage precautions

2018-09-07 15:44:09 138

  1. A white line appears on the bar code printer. Generally, there are stolen goods around the bar code print head. For example, the ribbon is stuck or the ribbon is not clean. At this time, the bar code printer power is turned off, and the bar code printer is cleaned with cotton tamp industrial alcohol. Head and rubber roller. Then try it out.

  2. The print head is broken. After cleaning the print head and surrounding objects, if each label is printed in the vertical direction (the direction in which it is left), there is a white line in the same position, which proves that the place cannot print out, that is, the print head is broken.

  In view of the manufacturing process of the bar code print head, once the needle is broken, it cannot be repaired, and a new bar code print head must be replaced to be able to print normally.


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